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Easy .cym easy .go?

As reported by the BBC the .cym domain has come into being. Unfortunately for those people interested in establishing a Welsh linguistic and cultural space on the internet, the Cayman Islands have got there first (do they really need two?). … Continue reading


Wales Blog Awards

The Wales Blog Awards have released their long list of nominated blogs, including categories for Best Sports Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Welsh Language Blog, Best Community Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Writing on a Blog and Best Technology Blog. … Continue reading

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Video on the language measure

The WAG has uploaded a short video about the Proposed Welsh Language Measure onto their YouTube channel. It is interesting to see how web2.0 is gradually becoming an accepted part of the media world – press release, check! – Tweet, … Continue reading


Peth Bychan

Iawn te – mae hi’n ddiwrnod Pethau Bychain ac mae’n rhaid i mi wneud rhywbeth i ddathlu. Dyma ni! Yn ddiweddar, ro’n i’n edrych ar yr iaith Gymraeg ar YouTube. Dw’i wedi edrych ar tua 2,000 o fideos – roedd … Continue reading

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Pethau Bychain

Pethau Bychain have designated this Friday (3rd September) as a day to celebrate the use of Welsh online. It’s inviting people to make a pledge to create something in Welsh online, from blog posts to videos to websites. This is … Continue reading

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Lack of census

It has been reported by the BBC that the 2011 census may be the last census of its type and that other sources of data, such as that available from the Post Office, local government and credit checking agencies will … Continue reading

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A less bilingual Welsh Assembly

I see from a story on the BBC that English language speeches in the Welsh Assembly will no longer be translated into Welsh in the official record of proceedings. While this has raised eyebrows/objections/hackles in various quarters for a variety … Continue reading


BookCrossing and Your Language Depend on YOU!

“BookCrossing and Your Language Depend on YOU! Launch of the new BookCrossing 2.0 website approaches. It promises many new and exciting features, but perhaps the most eagerly anticipated change will be the ability to view BookCrossing in languages other than … Continue reading

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Is having a language enough?

The particular comments (around 20:43) were: ”…the success is that people have two languages, whether they choose to use both of them in equal measure is not [interrupted by interviewer]” and ”…and that is the important point; that it [the … Continue reading


BBC Strategic Review

On the negative side the Review talks of spending 25% less on the BBC‘s website by 2013, and closing “lower performing” sites (lower performing in what sense?). On a positive note, the Review confirms the BBC‘s commitment to “services that … Continue reading

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