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If you are reading this then the chances are that you are interested in minority languages, Welsh, technology, language maintenance and revitalisation, linguistic landscapes and so on. If this is the case then you might want to check out my … Continue reading

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End of the world

Following disappointment that Harold Camping’s predications did not come true (so I am going to have do to all this marking and mow the lawn after all…) came further disappointment with the announcement that the Y Byd project has finally … Continue reading

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Welsh speakers go their own way

Yet another Welsh language signpost story from the BBC. Laugh? Cry? I’m not sure anymore

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Skanky mink

Having been to a number of minority language conferences, I have come to recognise that rap music is the de facto standard for judging whether a minority language is being embraced by the youth (why?!). I am therefore pleased to … Continue reading

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Indigenous Tweets

Not sure what it is based on, but Indigenous Tweets (yes, I know I haven’t made it a live link – sorry not my fault) is interesting. I haven’t made a comparison with the figures for Welsh produced by … Continue reading


Twitter and

One of the problems faced by users and researchers of specific languages in web2.0 environments is the lack of an easy and reliable mechanism for finding content in that language. In many cases we are forced to use searches (but … Continue reading

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Now with added ads

I was just idly converting currencies on the XE website when I found myself looking at the banner advert. Usually I tend not to notice such adverts, and I couldn’t quite understand why I was drawn to this one – … Continue reading



According to information from Symantec the Welsh language has reached a new level in its online use – it is now being used for scam emails. Is this progress I wonder?


Iaith Fyw : Iaith Byw

WAGs proposed new Welsh Language Strategy is now open for consultation, or perhaps not as it appears to be listed as a “closed” consultation

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Interactive map of Welsh speakers

Wales Online has provided a mildly diverting interactive map showing percentage of Welsh speakers, by age, by region. I am not sure that the title of the article is actually very helpful in understanding what the map is showing, or … Continue reading

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