Indigenous Tweets

Not sure what it is based on, but Indigenous Tweets (yes, I know I haven’t made it a live link – sorry not my fault) is interesting. I haven’t made a comparison with the figures for Welsh produced by yet – perhaps IT actually draws its data from Anyone know?

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  1. SiƓn says:

    Just to say, I’ve just caught up with your blog Daniel. Some good stuff (through a link from @metastwnsh)

    Thanks for your comments on .cym (now .cymru) – basically, the Cayman Islands have belatedly ‘bagged’ CYM (after years of no problems for the domain).

    In any case, .cymru will now be the domain name going into ICANN.

    For the latest on the bid, follow us on @dotcymru

    This in interesting stuff from ICANN:

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