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One of the problems faced by users and researchers of specific languages in web2.0 environments is the lack of an easy and reliable mechanism for finding content in that language. In many cases we are forced to use searches (but what terms to search for?) or following networks of some type (but the network relationships are rarely purely linguistic). This is where aggregators have a role to play, acting as linguistic portals to a particular web2.0 environment (though there are still issues in terms of their validity as a research tool). is providing such a portal for Twitter in Basque, Catalan and Welsh. For the researcher, the Welsh service gives a fascinating insight into what is hot (currently plaidcymru), how many Welsh Twitterers there are, who they are, how many of their Tweets are in Welsh and so on. Hopefully for the Welsh speaker it provides a handy way of finding people to follow and tapping in to interesting trends.

Sorry for the “dead” links, seems to be some issue with the blogging platform as this form of URL. Hopefully moving to new platform soon.

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  1. Carl Morris says:

    Umap is also a client – you can post from there. So it’s now possible to experience Twitter purely in Welsh, interface and content – if you want to.

    Daniel, I’d like to see you elaborate on this if possible:
    though there are still issues in terms of their validity as a research tool

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