According to information from Symantec the Welsh language has reached a new level in its online use – it is now being used for scam emails. Is this progress I wonder?

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2 Responses to Scamraeg

  1. Dafydd Tomos says:

    It’s been happening for a few years for contact forms (with bots detecting the page language before submitting content). I started seeing direct email spam in Welsh almost a year ago. That’s actually a bit odd, since my email address doesn’t appear anywhere linked to Welsh text (apart from some old Usenet postings perhaps, but I used a different address there).

    The email address itself doesn’t really provide a link to a specific language either so I’m not sure how the target language is chosen when sending that type of spam.

  2. MBM says:

    That’s nothing. We Irish speakers have been spammed in machine-translation “Irish” for years now.

    It *is* progress, but not as we know it.

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