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I was just idly converting currencies on the XE website when I found myself looking at the banner advert. Usually I tend not to notice such adverts, and I couldn’t quite understand why I was drawn to this one – then I realised, it was in Welsh! An advert from the Electoral Commission about the referendum. I think this is the first time I have come across a Welsh language advertisement on such a general purpose site (yes I was converting into GBP and realise that the advert was targeted to the UK – possibly to my IP address, anyone know?).

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  1. Dafydd Tomos says:

    Google/Doubleclick have allowed geo-targeting of adverts for many years (there’s no point paying for showing the advert outside your target market).

    Doubleclick also provide adverts within Spotify and I’ve seen a few ads about the referendum. If I remember correctly, there was one ad in English and a separate one in Welsh. I’ve also seen lots of generic adverts with the area or town name inserted into the content.

    Advertising and geo-targeting is quite sophisticated these days. It’s not foolprof however – our IP range at work has suddenly started appearing in GeoIP databases as being in Port-Talbot (we’re in Cardiff).

  2. Carl Morris says:

    Every time you visit a web page your browser gives away information about you as it makes the request, including which browser, language, timezone, etc.

    You should visit the following to see what other info you’re giving out.
    At the moment out of all the people who have visited Panopticlick I am uniquely identifiable and traceable from my browser settings!

    You may have seen some of this data in decent analytics software like Google Analytics. I can segment visitors to my sites by language setting, city, browser and other attributes.

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