Wales Blog Awards

The Wales Blog Awards have released their long list of nominated blogs, including categories for Best Sports Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Welsh Language Blog, Best Community Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Writing on a Blog and Best Technology Blog.

As far as I can tell, there are no Welsh language blogs in any category aside from Best Welsh Language Blog (no I haven’t checked them all, so yes, I could be wrong). As far as I can tell, nominators were free to choose whatever category they wanted to compete in.

I’m not sure what (if anything) this tells us about Welsh language blogging, did Welsh language bloggers only chose to compete in the Welsh language category, were the English language blogs just judged to be better than the Welsh language blogs, were Welsh language blogs not considered in non Welsh language categories?

Does anyone have any insight on these matters? Is Welsh language blogging in a malaise, is blogging just old hat and are all the cwl cats are now tweeting?

Anyway – nice to see some of the best of Welsh language blogging celebrated – congratulations to all those who were nominated – I’m looking forward to the results on the 14th October!

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One Response to Wales Blog Awards

  1. Carl Morris says:

    Yes I saw this too.

    For what it’s worth I had no part in my blog Quixotic Quisling being featured in any particular category. It’s nice that someone saw fit to put it there though.

    I do applaud any effort to highlight blogging in Wales but I don’t like the linguistic category at all. I pointed this out in a comment when they launched the site.

    Case in point: Blog Menai should be in the running for Best Political Blog full stop! But it has no chance of getting there.

    Can’t narrow down a suitable valediction other than: May some good blogs win.

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