BookCrossing and Your Language Depend on YOU!

“BookCrossing and Your Language Depend on YOU!

Launch of the new BookCrossing 2.0 website approaches. It promises many new and exciting features, but perhaps the most eagerly anticipated change will be the ability to view BookCrossing in languages other than English. Call it localization, internationalization or even I18n, it all comes down to you being able to read in your language of choice. To make this happen, we need your help. Some professional translators will be used, but it often takes a member of the community to understand BookCrossing jargon and how the site operates. That’s where you come in.

If you love BookCrossing, have some time to translate English text into your language, and want to help get wording and meaning just right, please consider lending your language skills to the site. Email with the following:

o Name
o Screen name
o Primary Language
o Credentials
o Time Commitment
o Willingness to work with deadlines (quick turnaround time within 4-5 days of assignment)

Language-based teams of up to 3 people will be formed before the end of March, so send in your volunteer information as soon as possible! Please believe that this is a very worthy project. Once it’s completed, you’ll take well-deserved pride in having been part of its creation, and the international membership will be indebted to all of you. So please sign up — BookCrossing and your language need you!”

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One Response to BookCrossing and Your Language Depend on YOU!

  1. Carl Morris says:

    Dw i’n gallu helpu.

    Dylen ni cyhoeddi’r cyfieithiad. Mae pobol yn gallu ei ail-ddefnyddio fe yn projectau eraill.

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